Finland marketing itself through Emojis

During Christmas , Dec 2015, Finland came up with a Calendar with their own set of country themed Emojis. The Finland emojis illustrate Finnish emotions and strengths, as well as vices, and are part of the Christmas calendar published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on ThisisFINLAND, the country brand website. The complete list of emojis are available here.

Some good ones are 

 THE ORIGINAL SANTA. The feeling of the never-ending wait for Santa Claus.

The real Santa comes from Finland. He has always lived in Korvatunturi, Lapland. Not the North Pole!

 HEADBANGER. The feeling of banging your head.

In Finland, heavy metal is mainstream. There are more heavy metal bands in Finland per capita than anywhere else.


Finns respect the privacy and personal space of others, and expect the same in return. We tend not to sit down next to anyone if another seat is available. When talking to a Finn, don’t stand too close – unless you want to see a Finn slowly edging backwards.

 The ‘sauna’ feeling.

Sauna is a holy place for Finns. This is a country with 3,2 million saunas and 5,4 million people. Finns go to the sauna naked – and often together with family. Every Finn has her/his own way of going to the sauna but one’s mind and body will always be cleaned. It’s a sauna state of mind.

 KAAMOS The feeling of sunless days.

Finnish winters are long and dark. In Lapland, the sun doesn’t rise at all between December and January. In Finnish, this sunless period is called ‘kaamos’.

 PEACEMAKER. The ‘peacemaker’ feeling.

Martti Ahtisaari, the former President of Finland, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to resolve international conflicts on several continents and over more than three decades.

 UNBREAKABLE. The ‘unbreakable’ feeling. 

Finns are tough, almost unbreakable. Finland has produced quite a bunch of unbreakable and long-lasting items such as the old Nokia 3310 phone which is famous for being, well, unbreakable.

STUCK. The feeling when you realize winter is here. 

Even a Finnish child knows you shouldn’t lick anything made out of metal when it’s freezing outside. But you do it anyway. And then you’re stuck*!
*Ask a Finn how to get your tongue unstuck. Beware. It can get nasty.


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