Radical Candor - Being a Good Boss

Kim Scott, ex Googler and now a coach speaks about Guidance and in her view it is the single most important part of managing people. "Apart from giving Guidance it's also important to receive it. Guidance which is basically Praise and Criticism is feedback.

She speaks about a tool called Radical Candor.

To explain Radical Candor she speaks about an incident in her career. During her early days at Google, she had to make a presentation to the founders and the CEO. The presentation went off very well and Eric Schmidt was ecstatic. After the meeting was over, her boss Sheryl Sandberg walked her back to her office. She spoke about 4 or 5 points about the presentation that she liked and while she was speaking Kim felt that there was something amiss and a criticism was around the corner.

Finally Sandberg said "But, you said 'Um' a lot during your presentation". Kim was relieved and said "Ah! No big deal, I know I do that".

Sandberg: "Was it because you were nervous"
Kim : "No, not at all"
Sandberg: "Would it help if Google hired a speaking coach for you so you can learn not to do this"
Kim : "I am really busy and this doesn't seem like the most important thing in the world"
Sandberg: "When you do that thing with your hand I know that I am not really getting through to you. I am gonna have to be more clear here. When you say 'UM' every third word, it makes you sound STUPID"

That got Kim's attention.

The good thing about the communication was that she didn't say She was Stupid but said she Sounded Stupid.

She created a simple graph to explain Radical candor

She has created an acronym for people to remember
HHIPP - Helpful, Humble, Immediate, In Person -In Private criticism, In Public Praise- dont personalise

Watch the video here


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