A site to check if you logo looks like a genital!!

A site has www.genitalsornot.com has been launched which checks if your logo looks like a Genital!!

How many of us have seen logos which have made us wonder what exactly was the designer thinking. Take a look at this one below

The site was started by Denver Designer Josh Mishell who saw some (probably unintended) genitalia on a beer coaster at a local brewery startup. He posted the photo online. While many people thought the photo was funny, a few concerned friends pointed out that he should do something constructive with his time, instead of just pointing out the hilarity of these unexpected genitals in design.

He says that when you’ve been looking at your own design too much, it’s easy to miss simple signs that your logo has some hidden genitals in it.

For a $25 design fee you can upload your logo and they'll investigate and inform if you there is even a hint of genitals in your logo.

Some of the funny examples shown on the site are


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