Have you ever heard of workers fighting for a CEO? When employees and customers went on strike in support of a sacked CEO

When Arthur T Demoulas, the CEO of Demoulas Supermarkets was sacked by the Board in June 2014, the company was stunned when the employees went on strike to demand his reinstatement. What was even more shocking was when even the customers started boycotting the store in support of the CEO and suppliers stopped restocking the stores.

source: wiki Market Basket protests

What then makes employees, customers and even suppliers so loyal to a CEO in an age when only money rules.

The CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas was perceived as a father figure. He was known for his ability to remember his employees' names, birthdays and milestones.

He is also known to check on ill employees and asking about spouses and children of his workers.

In this Boston Globe article one employee recollects the time he received a call from Arthur when his daughter had a serious car accident and was in the hospital. Arthur enquired about his daughter, whether the hospital was doing a good job and if they needed to move her to another hospital.

In this BBC story it says that Arthur seems to have attended every wedding and funeral in the Boston area.

The workers even made a protest song and encouraged customers to boycott the stores


  1. Amazing ... We need to celebrate such personalities .. so more people can learn and implement such exemplary leadership


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